subject is "freelancer talent"
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subject is "freelancer talent"
not as good an open rate, but the reply rate is one of the highest for a first touch-probably because of the "sent from my iphone" thing at the end. its not sent from my iphone its actually automated through salesloft
this one all things considered is probably my best performing one. I have one email that has a 68% open rate, but the response rate is 0%. In terms of relevancy to your original question I think this would be the most helpful
ok guys this is weird. here's the open rate for my first 2 emails (each one is an A/B split which is why there's 4 emails)
and here's my last three emails about a week later. any ideas why the open rate is so high? They're all automated: 1 chaser, 1 case study, and 1 breakup. Response rate is 0% on all three though
If the Open Rate is that high (although you have a small sample), then it's usually a poor offer or a muddled offer. Target 150-250 words with the following components. To some, this will look familiar since I wrote a book about it called Story-Driven Outreach: As an aside, for targeted lists like you have, Open rates should be above 50%. Response is a little more tricky but I'd expect 4-6% on that. Feel free to share the email copy so we can take a look.