A hack we have been using to get high-quality prem...
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A hack we have been using to get high-quality premium SaaS backlinks, which in return has helped us touch 50k unique visitors in just 6 months! We cold email companies with 50-80 DR and 10k+ traffic. We ask them to place our guest posts and allow us 6-8 do-follow links on that guest post. We negotiate on the pricing, which usually comes out to be around 120 dollars. The range is from 50 dollars to 400 dollars. We then have guest posts written by our writers. The content can be mediocre as we are paying money. The content has to be unique though and if they have any content guidelines, we ask for it to avoid back and forth. Once they agree, we write to other companies, telling them we would give them a backlink from the guest post (on that particular website we negotiated with), and in return, we want backlinks from their site on ours. This way we create an indirect link exchange. My cold email templates : The cold email template to send to SEO, Marketers title for securing paid guest posts (8% reply rate) Subject: {firstname}, do you accept paid guest posts? Hey {firstname}. I have some really great unique content for your {sitename}. Further, we will pay you for that guest post. The only ask is you allow us at least 6 do-follow links on the site. The more links you allow, the more we can pay. Would you be open to it? The other template is to reach out to people who would be interested in placing their links in that paid guest post and in return give you from their site (5% reply rate). Only send to SEO titles here. Subject: {firstname}, would you want your backlink on a 10k+ traffic premium saas website? Hey {firstname}. I am writing a guest post for this {{sitename}}. It has a DR of 50, traffic of 10k a month and is a premium SaaS website. Would you want your link inserted in that article? In return, I ask you to place my {{sitename}}’s backlink on your blog. Just write me back if interested. So in just approx 120 dollars, we are able to get 6-8 really high-quality SaaS backlinks.