# growth-tips

Stefan Despotovski

09/05/2022, 1:47 PM
Daily Growth Tip: Get more eyes on your content by targeting keywords with zero search volume Keyword research tools, no matter how useful they are, are not always correct about search volume and do not always detect emerging trends. Targeting keywords with no search volume will help your content rank. Steve Toth of SEO Notebook received nearly 5000 clicks in two months using keywords with zero search volume — and he's not alone. Most people ignore zero-search-volume keywords at face value, giving newer websites a chance to rank in the SERP. So use tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush to find keywords in your niche, and keep drilling down until you have a list of keywords with no volume. Many of these keywords will obviously be duds, so target a large number of them, make sure they're relatively easy topics to write about, and keep the articles short. Here are a few signs that a particular zero-search-volume keyword is worth your time: When you search for a keyword with quotes around it, it returns a plethora of relevant content. It's similar to a more well-known keyword (bonus if Google suggests it as a related search). The keyword is being targeted by competitors.
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