# ask-a-growth-question

Natalia Kamińska

09/16/2022, 12:51 PM
Hello, did you ever use Google Optimize or other Google tools to change the copy on the landing page to fit different keywords in your Google Ads campaign? We want to test a number of different keywords and building new landings for each of them just to make a few copy changes seems extremely inefficient and I am looking for a better way to do that.
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09/16/2022, 11:09 PM

Bugata Sai Swaroop

09/18/2022, 5:29 AM
You got the answer go with google optimize..

Jackson Griese

09/19/2022, 4:22 PM
Google optimize isn't for making quick changes to your LP's, it is for A/B testing. Depending on the website you use you can pretty easily just duplicate the page and then change the copy you want to with minimum effort. I would just duplicate your page if this is for making slight copy changes. However like I said if you are looking to test then optimize is a good place to start