Hi Everyone! Hope everyone is doing amazing. Do ...
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Hi Everyone! Hope everyone is doing amazing. Do you have a preference for pixel tracking apps for Shopify? Mainly for FB/Meta Ads. That also works well for CAPI? The developers told me the free FB pixel isn’t very good so happy to purchase one that can also track Google events. Recommendations are welcome! TIA!
Hi @Rahmi Ozcan so there are multiple issues when it comes to the events tracking and pixel setup. Since the root causes for lack of tracking are different they all need to be tackled separately. 1. 1st party and 3rd party data tracking. Post the iOS 14 and other upgrades, browsers have been blocking 3rd party data sharing. Which implies any cookie trying to send traffic to Facebook / Google or any 3rd party platform shall get rejected or blocked. The solution: Is to setup 1st party data containers for all of your clients. 2. Since the pixel tracking is getting more and more unreliable the developers have come up with CAPI setup. The Shopify + Facebook CAPI setup is a native integration. You can also check the connection score by checking the quality scores on Facebook dashboard. If the problem still exists then there is a need to loop in a developer. 3. Destination based and Event based tracking: With the launch of GA4, Google has changed the way the Enhanced e-commerce events are registered. This has led to a requirement for the website events to be re setup with an updated nomenclature. We have done more than 50 GA4 implementations and help businesses across E-commerce, coaches and lead generation setup effective tracking solutions so that you can make the most out of your Ad Spend. Drop in a DM if you need assistance!