Hey guys! @channel we have started running TikTok...
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Hey guys! @channel we have started running TikTok App Install Ads, but the results I am getting are quite weird We have impressions and clicks but then no conversions :(( These campaigns have been running since 19 Sept and we are spending 50$/day. These are our results so far. Is this normal? Are we missing something? I connected it to Appsflyer and seems like everything is correctly set up. Besides, I have read this Reddit thread and this other Reddit thread, and seems like it is normal, but, within, I want to think it is not our case 😕 PS: as TikTok says, “do not create ads, create TikToks.” Well, in fact we are using a tiktok that went organically viral. So that is what makes me go crazy about this 🤯 Any help on this would be highly appreciated 🙂
Can you shed more information like Ad copy , target audience...
Hi @Mario Camús, just to summarise the problem once: 1. You have started some App Install campaigns which do not seem to show any conversions on the Tik Tok dashboard 2. You have been spending some money since the last couple of days but still see no conversions. 3. You have also tested the events on Appsflyer and things seem to be correctly setup 4. You have also followed the steps laid down by TikTok that is do not create Ads but promote Tik Toks that work and boost them. What you're looking for is answers on how to increase the conversion rate? A few of my findings have been: 1. Conversion reporting on Tik Tok dashboard is not the best way to track things 2. Have you setup the UTM's correctly? 3. It might make sense to check for source and mediums for your install's. Have you setup your events to track for all of the traffic sources? 4. We also tried running Web-app interactions for one of our clients, who was facing a similar issue. We started seeing some better conversions from web event optimisations.
Seems like your conversion trackingnn nope settings are off, just the steps listed by Varun