Hello everyone. Is there still a way to look at go...
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Hello everyone. Is there still a way to look at goal completions by individual IP in Google Analytics? I am trying to determine the goal completion path for a specific form submission. If there is any easier way to accomplish this, I am all ears. 🤓
I believe that Universal Analytics stopped logging IP address. Pretty sure that GA4 does not log it at all. Are you trying to dedupe conversions? IP address is generally a poor attribute for attribution, etc.
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It can work, but it can be wildly off. Depending on the conversion you may have some sort of PII (name, email,)that can be used on the back end to dedupe. You can capture date/time of conversion and then use that for more clear attribution. IP Address is generally not a good one, in my arrogant opinion!
Interestingly (or not), I have had some discussions related to IP address and its uses in attribution and deduping. If someone is using a VPN, IP Address will not work. You have no idea in the household who is seeing ads or purchasing, could be a parent or a child. You can have a child exposed to an ad and the parent buy. Now, all of this may be small enough that you can say “eff it, close enough for gov’t work!” and use it. Just know that it is inaccurate!