Do you think having a video explaining the product...
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Do you think having a video explaining the product is necessary for saas products?
I mean on landing page
I think it depends on what the product is. If it's a new technology, maybe it will be easier to demonstrate it visually.
If you encounter conversion funnel leakage from your product page to checkout page, then yes, please experiment with a product demo video and check after X visits or period to see if there’s an uplift in conversions from product to check out page
Hi @Pruthvi Raj Yes, 100 % I work at Content Beta, a SaaS-focused video production studio. And having worked with 80+ B2B SaaS companies to create product explainer videos, we’ve seen that it really helps in middle of the funnel. Our customers normally see an improvement in signups/demo requests. If you are struggling with creating one, here are a few blogs I have written that might help you with insight and examples- 1] Top 10 Examples of Product Explainer Videos: 2] 8 Simple Steps to a Great B2B SaaS Explainer Video Script: 3] How much does a B2B SaaS explainer video cost:
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