Would you recommend an email automation that works...
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Would you recommend an email automation that works with Wordpress? My requirements: • send verification email. • After verification, send a welcome email. • Then, after X days, if user did Y, send email A, otherwise send email B. appreciate your suggestions
Hey Oras, this one is pretty good https://www.mailpoet.com/
Thanks a lot @Stefan Despotovski!
hey @Oras. if this is your sole use case then something less robust and cheaper should do the job. however, if you have a need for a marketing automation solution (or already have one as part of your stack) then this is something you can definitely build out with a marketing automation tool. if that's a route you're interested in exploring i'm happy to chat. just shoot me a DM
Thanks @Jason Hubbard! What kind of marketing automation tool would you suggest? I like MailPoet but also looked at FluentCRM, GroundHogg and Uncanny Automator. They all look promising but I need a plugin that will do it all, rather than going the rabbit hole of adding multiple plugins