Hi All, looking at Iterable and <Customer.io> for ...
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Hi All, looking at Iterable and Customer.io for our growth marketing efforts. Any recommendations? Things we should know? Good/Bad Stories on either?
I have used customer.io before for emails and push notifications. It's easy to integrate and it works really well
Thank you, very helpful
Customer.io is more focused on just being a marketing ESP type tool. Iterable is more focused on being a mobile application tool. Iterable integrates into your mobile apps to do things like push, rich push, in app messaging, etc. They also have email marketing stuff but the interface kinda sucks for building out that sort of thing. I think they started focused on the push/in app messaging piece and then prob built the marketing automation stuff later as an afterthought I haven’t used cio in years but their interface is amazing IMO for building out multi step marketing automation flows across multiple channels. When I used them they didn’t do the integrated push and in app messaging stuff, but they might now. At that point though you were able to integrate with a 3rd party push notification service to integrate push into your campaigns. We use cio now and getting it configured with React Native at the time we implemented when it was just beta was a huge pain in the ass. Now that it’s integrated, I’m def not a fan of their interface and UX. I much would have preferred Cio