10/12/2022, 3:54 PM
Any FB ad creators/media buyers here? 2 yo USA based apparel co…..manufacturing in….USA. Looking for someone that can take our content and create ads…
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*US based. We have people in LA, NY and Florida juggling our time zones is tough…put in a few 12-14 hour differences is unmanageable for us.

Dylan Cohen

10/12/2022, 8:11 PM
@johnny Would love to get an understanding of the project scope! Feel free to book a time with me here

Andy Groller

10/14/2022, 3:49 PM
@johnny Happy to discuss your current efforts, goals, and how we may be able to help. While we typically focus on B2B (performance, eComm, demand gen, etc), our client list is a range of verticals and business types. DM me if you'd like to chat!

Chandra Prakash Tiwari

10/16/2022, 10:20 AM
Hey JH, what if we work according to your timezone?