Hi guys, I'm working on improving our retention r...
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Hi guys, I'm working on improving our retention rate for a SaaS platform, and I'm working on optimising our on boarding. What onboarding tools would you recommend for this? I've tried Pendo but the experience hasn't been great
Have you come across Whatfix? They have a nice tool as well. https://whatfix.com/ Also, with respect to improving retention rate, are you currently using other tools to monitor usage to give insight on churn risk?
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Good point @Andy Lozano. In my experience the onboarding in not always the solution. Sometimes it’s some nuanced part of the customer journey - for example the key feature not showing up soon enough. People these days are really impatient. You have to give them an instant experience. On the tools side, I know intercom has some option but it’s kinda pricey. I also worked with 1 client that found that making short videos that he uploaded on Vimeo and imbedded on the site in the worked better than any point and click software (doubled the retention in the onboarding flow), but he has a really complex tool to showcase. What’s your SaaS platform about?
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@Tina, I agree with you that it's not always the tooling. Sometimes it's user/buyer behavior which can give you insights on product adoption or success. Sometimes simple tactics can boost retention. With respect to your other question, I don't have a SaaS platform. I'm working on further building our practice overall but we support early/growth stage firms and help them operationalize effectiveness in their GTM tech stacks. We do that through fractional RevOps consultancy around strategy, process and building technical frameworks and tooling.
Hi @Miriam We've been working a lot on the onboarding side of things also to help with retention also. I haven't tried any tools as such (didn't think to, but will have a look now that you mention) rather, more in the dashboard of our SaaS. I was finding users would sign up but not do much because it was too much thought process involved. (our SaaS is around the setup and management of a marketing strategy). What I did was created a visual list of steps that get shown in an onboarding dashboard that is checked off when completed. We also set up Templates that make it quicker to choose Brand Values, Personas etc. I feel like it's helped and we definitely have seen better retention since doing it. But still feel we have a way to go. 🙂
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Check out chameleon.io. I had a demo with them this morning and was pretty impressed with the tools and capabilities. The price also seems reasonable for a small team/startup.
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leadbubble.io is a great way for customer retention.
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