Nolan Beise

10/25/2022, 4:09 PM
Hi All 👋 Who we are: I’m Nolan, the CEO of Circl. We have built technology that directly measures your brainwaves so you can meet your brain and live smarter. We’re including brain health and performance measurements in our overall understanding of human performance. Why it matters: 🚀🧠 We can measure so many aspects of our physical health, and we’ve seen the positive effects of that, just compare olympic game scores from now to 80 years ago. It’s time to do the same for your brain. The only challenge is that we don’t know how our brain is, unless it is really suffering, and so the first step is to see where you’re at and then improve it. Most people from a previous study we ran feel “normal” between 5-30% of their best brain capacity. Our challenges: :face_with_spiral_eyes: I’m a scientist (PhD Biochemist/Neuroscientist) and apparently I have zero aptitude for marketing. So we need to get the word out on what we’ve built and better understand how to improve our website (current bounce rate of 72%). Our Ask: 1. Any feedback on our website would be so appreciated, please DM me or feel free to respond to this post as you’re comfortable 2. We have a promotion going on to sell our headsets at cost with the promo code LIMITLESS2022. This is the cheapest they will ever be so if you’re interested in meeting your brain and living smarter, please consider if Circl might be able to help. 3. Tell everyone! We’re raising money and looking to start selling so we’re really hoping to get the word out.
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