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11/02/2022, 11:42 PM
Hey everyone. I need to find a platform to run my marketing campaigns on. Can you suggest a software that you used/tried and it's good. Also, potentially affordable. Not cheap, but you get quality system for reasonable price. Thanks in advance :)

Dallas Fontaine

11/03/2022, 2:41 AM
I also would like to 👂 what people recommend

Blogging Surgeon

11/03/2022, 10:22 AM
Are you looking for something where ad campaigns can be managed ? Something to manage say multiple google ads accounts or similar ? If you can basically tell what type of marketing campaigns, it can help locate a more specific answer
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Krystan Resch

11/03/2022, 1:56 PM
Depends on what kind of campaign you’re running. Outbound email? Ad? Newsletter/webinar? Call campaign?

Jeremy Ward

11/04/2022, 3:16 AM
Came to ask a similar question, but I think we may all benefit from context for this really great topic. 🙂 I have been looking for a lead gen option for my msp / communications solution provider biz (unified communications / teams voice / contact center saas). We often get leads from vendors we know well to reach out to customers who are nearing end of contract, so we do a cobranded marketing campaign. I hired someone to take the company names and prospect, and they asked me to purchase, meetalfred and linkedin navigator core and they would setup everything and run it. I know these are the tools he learned on, but not sure they’re the right tools or all the tools. I’m invested in him building this for us as we can expand to a service offering for our niche. What tool(s) are the best value to cover initial cold linkedin / email, possibly a little call; up to them being scheduled? Also taking into consideration a separate domain so primary email domain doesn’t get beat up. Really happy to collaborate or offer anything of value we do to contribute to a solution - want to add value here as I really appreciate the community. We’d like to offer as part of a co-op we’re building for other business owners if we can create value for others.
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Krystan Resch

11/04/2022, 3:34 AM
Second question, how big is your business and how many leads are we talking? There are thousands of saas sales products out there so it depends if you need low volume/high target or have large volume/find needle in haystack. Also, do you have a CRM and marketing automation tool already purchased?
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Jeremy Ward

11/04/2022, 4:01 PM
In our case, I have Zendesk Sales / Service. Right now we’re starting off with around 500 - 1000 targeted leads a month with email / linkedin, then will be using additional tools to identify other customer segments to go after. For example existing Avaya customers after all their news of turmoil in the last year. Starting with 1 person, need to fill in the remaining tools besides Zendesk and Linkedin. For now he’s using saleshandy + meetalfred, but for the sake of being thorough, I’m trying to look at it as clean slate; whats the best setup? Does that help? Love the questions!