Paul at

11/03/2022, 1:31 AM
Anyone thought about and launched / syndicated a newsletter on LinkedIn lately? Did you find a best practice / cheat sheet ala Product Hunt run through for it? If so, please share! πŸ‘
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Stefan Despotovski

11/03/2022, 3:23 PM
Haven't done it myself but I'm interested in this as well.

Jeremy Ward

11/07/2022, 10:36 PM
My business partner started a monthly one recently, not sure what he’s using but happy to ask if helpful

Paul at

11/08/2022, 5:49 AM
@Jeremy Ward @Stefan Despotovski I went ahead and replicated our first issue on LinkedIn as a test. Pretty effortless cut / paste tbh. 59 subscribers. A great result! Thx LinkedIn algo! Will continue. πŸ‘
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