Ryan Johnson

11/13/2022, 1:40 AM
I was once asked why we saw a spike in conversions. With hardly any research, my boss said it was because of x to the exec asking. It didn't feel right to jump to conclusions so quickly. So I decided to dig around. Turned out to be something completely different but now we have to go back and say we were wrong. If there's one thing I can suggest, always look for all possible things adding to the event. I have found so many different things that made an impact. Some things like: 1. unknown product releases 2. email blasts 3. social ad that got a spike in engagement 4. weather 5. ads took off in select location that hadn't been targeted before. This exploration can sometimes lead to big business impacts too. For example, I found a snow storm forecast greatly increased lead generation for certain products. So what can you do with that new info? In this case, I set up an api pull to track all snowstorm forecast and pushed ads in those areas and saw a huge drop in CAC during those times. It was a huge win. Never know what you'll find. Happy exploring.
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