Please somebody help. Working with a D2C brand whi...
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Please somebody help. Working with a D2C brand which sells educational board games. What would be best facebook ads strategy to sell their products?
One way could be creating an organic Facebook campaign and leading potential customers to a quiz or landing page with the end goal of extracting their email. From there, you can create an automated email flow selling the product or lead them to join a free Facebook group with the intent of selling them your product. Or with FB ads, you can just create a PPC campaign leading to a killer product page. Definitely many other methods but those are two that seem to work best. Let me know if you need help executing any of these
Thanks for the advice, @Alex Chen! We are giving away free ebooks in order to collect their emails and that's pretty much working. We are now expanding to Indian audience and want know what might be the best strategy to convert Indian audience.
Gotcha, now you have 2 potential routes since you have an initial email subscriber base 1. Set up an automated email campaign for the subscribers and turn them into paying customers 2. Create groups that are related to your board game since those subscribers will likely be interested a. Ex: If your board game is about dragons, create a free discussion group that discusses dragons i. Then have them convert to paying customers
Hi Karthikeya, For FB the biggest problem is selecting the right audience. To start with: if you have a Email list of a minimum 5k, you can directly start with a Lookalike campaign (works only with TG age group 18+. If your audience is Kids try modulating the content around parents) Other strategies depends on understanding more of your TG
Hi Karthikeya, one of the most effective strategies I have seen work in the Indian markets is to invest in a Call back lead option. Nothing sells like a Salesman behind the call