Currently working through a CTA conundrum We have...
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Currently working through a CTA conundrum We haven’t launched yet, no sales or customers to speak of. However, we do have a website and are currently publishing blogs, building a list, and broadcasting the blogs to the list. Since we have nothing to sell yet, I’ve been putting the CTA on these blogs as “sign up to our list.” But of course, plenty of people reading the blog will be already on our list so them reading that CTA at the end of the blog will feel a little silly. Still, not quite sure what other CTA to put right now. Maybe put: “If you haven’t already, click here to sign up to our list. Otherwise click here to share this with your social network.” Any ideas guys?
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Hey Robbie, can you share links to your blogs se we can check it out?
Do you think your subscribers have high intention of buying your product?
Not enough context here. It's standard to have a CTA on your web pages to subscribe to your list, where typically the list would drive a different CTA. Depending on your offer and objectives, you could put a variety of other CTAs on the website such as a lead magnet, quiz, etc. Again, not enough context as to what you're doing. No sales, no customers - pre-launch - from my experience in several startups I'd say you should be figuring out how to talk to people, not just talk at them.
Thanks @Steven Graham. Yeah the CTA on the blogs (and everywhere else on the website: popup, footer etc.) is basically "subscribe to get our blogs delivered weekly + you'll also get our lead magnet". So basically a standard list building offer. When you say figuring out how to talk to people, do you mean conducting interviews? We've got a few of those in the pipeline with other people in the sector. @Steven Grahamare you suggesting we create an additional experience to use as a CTA on our blogs? Like you say, a quiz, some other kind of lead magnet etc.
This is what we're figuring out @Franz Allan See. Our site is actually still being tweaked. I thought we were launching on Monday but there are one or two final tweaks. I think it will be pretty varied though. Some will certainly have high intent, some will be just browsing. Sorry, that doesn't really narrow it down!
I will as soon as our devs make those last-minute tweaks! @Steven Graham
@Robbie King I like to base the approach against your sales traction. If you don't have any sales yet, some of your "CTAs" or offers should be experiments (testing CTA hooks and then leading into a conversational call) to inform your product development process. The key is getting enough data and understanding the context (e.g. is it representative of your target or a distraction). Forgive me if this is ambiguous, I'm generalizing because I don't know what you're building or what your sales pipeline looks like. Interviews are most valuable when you have a clear target market and product. But the most important data point is asking for money.