Someone plz help. Currently using Seamless and Hu...
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Someone plz help. Currently using Seamless and HubSpot to import contacts and send 1-1 emails in a sequence. It's a nightmare (no automatic routing of a contact into a sequence upon import, can only add 1 contact at a time to a sequence) We are a small firm less than 10 people and don't have thousands to spend on tools every month. What's a good solution for… 1) finding contacts & email address 2) importing into a marketing outreach platform 3) BONUS if in one click I can also select which campaign or sequence to drop the contact in 4) schedule both text and html emails for a sequence Does this exist?!
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Hi Kim! Apollo is great for less generation, I use getprospect for scraping leads from SalesNavigator
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I agree with @Kornelia Dziadula, Apollo is one of the best tools you can use for all 4 things you need @Kim Carducci it also not that expensive (Costs $99 per month)
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@Kim Carducci we use - it's worth it's weight in Gold has searcher better than SalesNav, includes all data enrichment (email and phone) and built in sequencer. We use it for all our outreach and Integrate it with HubSpot once we get interested responses to manage the meeting and future through HubSpot.