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John Turnham

06/27/2022, 8:24 PM
Hello everyone! I'm doing a little market research for my B2B2C SaaS business. Hope you don't mind the multiple questions. If you have a moment to help me understand the community and the strategies that are (or aren't) working for you: 1. How much of your time & energy is spent on customer retention vs customer acquisition efforts? Example: 30% / 70% 2. Is email your primary method of keeping your customers coming back, or do you use something else? 3. If you don't have any customers yet, would you use a free suite of tools to help build your customer database from scratch (and retain those customers)? Appreciate your time! Thanks!!
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Alex Giedt

06/27/2022, 9:50 PM
1. I’ve worked a lot on retention over the years. I think a retention/aquisition breakdown of 40%/60% is pretty realistic. It really depends on the scale of each audience. But, remember that it is generally easier to extract value from retention than acquisition. 2. Email is generally the vehicle for comms. Sometimes there are ways to use paid media. If there is an app or software platform used, then notifications (if permission is granted) are great. 3. NA to me
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Patti Pan

06/29/2022, 7:44 PM
1. For one of my B2B company, 30% vs. 70%. It really depends on the industry and business model, I think 2. B2B email is always the best. Or sharing blogs and showing in the industry forum. B2C, can do retargeting campaign 3. If, yes
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