Myself & a colleague of mine recently started ...
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Myself & a colleague of mine recently started a marketing podcast. Curious if anyone had any advice on some of the best places to promote it? We are about 9 episodes in and plan on starting to shoot video episode 10.
Hey James, I’d engage where other marketing related podcasts are being talked about, or your topics are being talked about.. Obviously marketing related slack groups as well.. etc.
Hello @James Kravic - Did you thought about EMAIL-MARKETING to reach out to your most targeted prospects. If yes, here is my proposal to add new leads to your prospects lists. I am an experienced prospect list builder and keen to be associated. Here are few samples: 1. SAMPLE-DENTIST-ORTHODONTIST-LOS-ANGELES-USA- 2. SAMPLE-LAWYERS-LAW-FIRMS-USA-6-22-2021- 3. SAMPLE-Real-Estate-DEVELOPERS-USA-4-30-2020- 4. SAMPLE-B2B-EMAIL-PROSPECTS-LISTS- 5. SAMPLE-UNIVERSITY-DEAN-USA- 5. SAMPLE-ATTORNEY-LIST-USA- ...and many more. Let's connect and see if we can work together. Raj
Hi @James Kravic a good place is to get on other related podcasts that are 10-50 shows in over the last six months, and promote your knowledge, the pat flynn effect its how Jon Lee Dumas built his show initially.
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Hi @James Kravic For promotions you can submit your podcast to podcatchers- which are apps that play podcasts - like Overcast, Stitcher, Podcast Addict, Podcast subreddit, PodcastLand, etc. Here is my advice on how best to promote your podcast- • Convert the audio to video format and upload it on YouTube to access a large audience apart from the regular channels • Leverage your guest’s audience by creating hype before publishing using images, tweets and quotes • Transcribe the audio and create blogs to access its SEO potential • Add podcasts to your emails and newsletters • Partner with people who can mention you and share the podcast • Create highlight clippings, soundbites, video, teasers and circulated on social media platforms I recently wrote a blog that sums up some of the most incredible marketing podcasts that I find to be very resourceful and help me stay at the top of my game. It also breaks down the data for the best listening platforms for your podcast. It might help: Let me knoqw if you need help with podcast production and editing. We also create short snippets for promoting on social media