What is the best free trial length for an app? Any...
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What is the best free trial length for an app? Any research/articles on this would be most appreciated! 1️⃣ 3 days 2️⃣ 7 days 3️⃣ None
I’ve had a lot of success with 7 day free trials, but I’ve noticed many apps with 3 day free trials. I was wondering if anyone had opinions on this matter
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14 is what I've heard
We offer a 14-day free trial for our monthly subscription- with an about 80% conversation rate to paying sub.
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14 for an app? That seems excessive. I guess I should've added that it's a utility app. That may make a difference
It depends entirely on the app and value proposition. If it requires consecutive usage, e.g. Fitbit, you get a month. If it's a once a week login, I'd go for a month. Need to give a little to reveal the value prop before cutting it off and taking $
It always depends on the app; some apps require shorter trails, while others require longer trails; I don't believe there is a precise answer because it can vary greatly from product to product.
I use free developer accounts and paid plans for businesses, where my most expensive plan comes with 14 day trial.