We use gmail to manually send ~100 personalized co...
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We use gmail to manually send ~100 personalized cold emails a day. Google flagged our account as potentially spamming. Any recommendations for other tools to use? or best practices to keep in mind?
I work for Woodpecker and if you do cold emailing and you're looking for a tool that's great with deliverability and easy to use - let's chat
Hmm do you track bounces/spam responses to your 100 emails? Have you tested sending to your other emails to see if it gets in the inbox or is autosent to the spam folder?
Is your deep tech (spf/dkim/DMARC, sender score, blacklist situation) aligned and on point? Is your shallow tech (multiple domains with multiple email outboxes fed into a centralized place to monitor responses, warming, seed testing) 100% legit?
Hi Terry. Woodpecker works on your SPF/DKIM/IP (if I understand correctly what you're asking about. Does Woodpecker prevents any kind of spam issues? no, but it significantly decreases any chances of getting recognised as spammer or blocked. If you want to dive deeper or catch up for a 15 minute call https://calendly.com/kornelia-dziadula/15min