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Romano Pravdic

06/09/2022, 3:00 PM
Hi guys. I'm from Cashews Finance and we're building a personal finance subscription app [US only] . Question: Is anyone here who runs FB ads? We're currently paying around $5-8 per app install which is a lot imho, so I'm curious to know what kind of CPI results are you getting? • is $5-8 per install normal? • if not, what kind of CPI should be normal? • we're targeting the US market, with different ad-sets (lookalike audience, 25-50 personal finance interest) Would be very, very grateful for any insights 🙏 🚀

Stefan Despotovski

06/09/2022, 4:47 PM

Nick Berry

06/09/2022, 5:02 PM
You CPI should be driven by your overall acceptable ad spend

Romano Pravdic

06/09/2022, 5:10 PM
We’re spending $2k/month on FB ads and our acceptable number would be maximum of $3/install
But we can’t seem to get that number down


06/09/2022, 6:15 PM
I've heard about this tool but haven't used it myself You can check what your competitors are doing but not sure if it provides numbers

Romano Pravdic

06/09/2022, 6:20 PM
Thanks for sharing - it's $149/month without a trial, so I'm a bit hesitant to use it 😕


06/10/2022, 2:07 AM
Email marketing is a still a very powerful tool to reach out to your target audience. I am a very experienced, diligent, and process-oriented lead researcher capable of delivering high-quality verified list of prospects/target audience that helps you with your outreach efforts. Let's connect.

Romano Pravdic

06/10/2022, 5:58 AM
@Rajesh Do you have a reference client where you achieved <5$ CPI for a fintech subscription based app?


06/10/2022, 9:40 AM
@Romano Pravdic - I am not aware of their CPI but many of my clients I've been working with for over 3 yrs, are still my paying clients. The proof lies in the pudding and I know that they've added a "LOT" of new customers from their email marketing campaigns. eg. one of my client is a Canada based SaaS and i've delivered a list of over 500k prospects and their Y2Y growth is >41% as reported by them online.

Romano Pravdic

06/10/2022, 1:01 PM
That’s very nice to hear! But we’re in b2c app business, which is wildly different

Ayush Kumar Singh

06/10/2022, 5:18 PM
What's your cpa


06/13/2022, 11:35 AM
Hi man, from my understanding your cost per install is the average, $3-5 per install is the norm according to almighty google for app install in US. From what i can see your FB ads main focus is "say goodbye to budgeting/worry about budgeting" combination of these. All your visuals are basically the same except one video, that shows a lot more then the others ads. I dont know if you had different ads but i will advise try others. (test,test,test) Few things that can help in the long run, free trail so people know what they are buying and re marketing, healthy community where people are heard and valued for their opinion and their commitment to the app and user videos(how does it work, testimonials, etc...) Goodluck. Stef
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