Anyone got any advice for growing a website develo...
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Anyone got any advice for growing a website development agency? Somebody asked this on the Growth Hacking reddit community, I’ll add my responses in the thread. I’d love to hear any other thoughts or directions.
What I’d recommend is to:
Keep trying to build your brand but in the short term start working with other agencies as a subcontracting company.
Reach out to other agencies, let them know your skill set and rates.
Especially agencies that don’t have inhouse tech like design or marketing agencies.
Target the fishermen not the fish.
Second recommendation was:
Something else I’d recommend is to try focus on a niche. Customer software development is too vague.
Focus on an underserved market, e.g websites for barbers, restaurants etc, Custom software for billing, Marketing websites for SaaS companies.
Focusing on a niche will let you refine your content, sales process, repeatable solutions you can sell.
Two other channels to consider -
1. Content and Seo - begin writing content relevant to your chosen niche.
“Ways to increase barber shop bookings” “How to improve your SaaS websites conversions”
2) Cold outreach through email, phone, LinkedIn, Choose a target market, role, etc and find a contact list of emails or LinkedIn for these people.
Use a tool like woodpecker or lemlist to create an email campaign to reach out, introduce yourself and propose your service.
Hey Dan, all of these ideas will definitely work. Under Content and SEO, I would definitely have one of the owners/founders do regular guest spots on business and marketing podcasts, at least twice monthly. They can get increased exposure and if they can get the raw files, they can also repurpose the content.
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Email marketing is still a very powerful tool to reach out to your target audience. I can assist and let's connect.
Google Maps is a good place to find leads. 1. Just browse the your target niche businesses on Google maps. 2. Shortlist them by various parameters like : have bad website, have no website, can upsell them some website service (say to make websites faster or monthly maintaince) 3. Reach out to them on SMS or email , meet them in person if in your city - show your sample, for eg if pitching to gyms you can show them how their website will look. 4. Follow up. Following up is the key I know all this is basic, but this works 🙂 @Dan
Thanks for that @Kenny Soto