I have no idea how to build a group messaging app....
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I have no idea how to build a group messaging app. Does anyone here do this?
i am a software engineer with 3yrs of experience, though i have done basic chat mssging app but. i can do. DM if interested
if you can explain what you are trying to accomplish I might be able to provide better guidance. For instance if you are just trying to create a niche group is slack viable option or are you trying to create the next what’s app?
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Slack(Paid, proprietary, generous free access): If you just want to just use group mesaaging for small group upto couple of thousands of members • Discord(Free, proprietary): Great choice if you want to create a community of upto 100k. Members can maintain their anonymity in this one. • Mattermost(Free, open-source, hosted paid alt): Great choice of you want to self-host and keep the control of data. Also a great starting point if you want to customize the code and make your own chat app.