Hello good people, what is your experience with us...
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Hello good people, what is your experience with using Instagram Bots (for following people) Feel free to share you experience in Thread (positive and negative) Thanks!
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Terrible Idea... Your Instagram account grows authority as your followers engage with your content. If you're using bots to follow/unfollow people you aren't generating any followers who will engage with your content organically. This will lead to zero account authority and your content will never be visible in the Hashtag Search results because you will have destroyed your account. It's equally as bad to buy fake followers. If you're looking for an actual strategy to grow your Instagram channel, the best way to do it is to leverage Micro Influencers using gamification. Have Influencers earn points for following your Instagram account and engaging with your content. This will drive your follower engagement way up and make all of your subsequent content rank better because of your new account authority. And, this is infinitely scalable as opposed to using bots which destroy your accounts future ability to rank content.
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Thank you Bob, you just validated my thoughts on this. I'm also not a fan of bots, I believe in quality content and clever campaigns and collaborations. I just needed this answer to prove to my boss that we DON'T need a bot :)
No problem! Glad I could help
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I used a bot for follow/unfollow many years ago, moderate success, but that was early days. These days most people don’t fall for the follow/unfollow trick and you get super low quality followers anyway. Agreed with others that it’s not worth the hassle. Plus Insta will also ban you for it these days 🙂