Daily Growth Question: Based on the poll yesterday...
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Daily Growth Question: Based on the poll yesterday email is the channel that you guys and girls are mostly using. I'm interested to know what email marketing tools specifically are you using for your product or service and why? • I specifically use Email Octopus to send emails to subscribers • And LemList for cold email outreach. I use these two tools because of their simplicity and because they have a lot of features where I can personalize and customize the emails that I'm sending Let me know what email tools you use and why in thread.
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Also here are links of the two email tools: https://www.lemlist.com/ https://emailoctopus.com/
We use Outreach.io for our cold email outreach b/c it integrates with Salesforce.
I've been using GMASS (https://www.gmass.co/) for years and it works like a breeze...
Sendgrid. I use their APIs to build out my rewards ecosystem
I use different platforms for my clients’ email marketing depending on their products or services. Here are a few of the platforms: 1. Klaviyo is best for eCommerce bc it has the most advanced eCom features for email marketing and combines with in-depth store analytics and email personalization and segmentation features 2. ActiveCampaign is very good for online coaches and membership programs. The platform has a robust automation capabilities, so it's possible to create a 365 days email sequences that cut across all your courses and programs and have your subscribers go through all your offers one step at a time without doing any manual work. Like you can literally have an evergreen email sales machine that runs on autopilot built in ActiveCampaign. 3. Intercom is very good for SaaS companies, it's a veritable alternative to salesforce. For cold emails, best platforms I have used are: 1. Sendgrid (preferably the API plan) the marketing plan may be as good if you're changing dedicated IPs. There's a script I use to manage sender reputation against massive unsubscribes and complaints. 2. I have used Woodpecker with some significant success too. 3. The best platform for cold email is Gmass bcos it comes to the recipient like a traditional email message with less commercial intent and that gets you a lot of replies. What is my favorite? Gmass and ActiveCampaign If higher deliverability for your marketing emails is more important over prices and features, there are less conventional platforms that gets your messages straight to your subscribers’ primary inbox 95% of the time.
We haven't been doing cold outreach to the point where it requires a tool, but for customer and marketing emails we've naturally been using Userlist. We've built it so that it's clean and easy to use, and considering we serve both company and personal level accounts, our segmenting helps greatly in tailoring recipients' experience