Affiliate marketing can be a great way to obtain d...
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Affiliate marketing can be a great way to obtain data about your new product and how audiences accept/reject your approach. BUT, it takes a good approach with landing pages, funnels, offers, and creative. You then need to monitor, react, and optimize your pages, creative and offers. I find a lot of clients are not ready to undertake the foundation work. It doesn’t work well if you don’t provide a good tool set for the affiliate marketers and a lot of orgs are not prepared to do that. Just posting an offer and a homepage won’t net much. At least that is my experience/arrogant opinion. Great question!
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It takes some work to drum up affiliate interest, for sure, but can be very productive if done well!
What do you think is the ideal toolset for just a campaign?
I would use both paid and organic channels to figure out landing page config/content/etc and to flesh out funnels. Understand what keywords are productive and see if you can get good search impression share profitably. When you nail that down and want to expand then try creating a good version of affiliate landing pages. Also scenario out what offers will be compelling to affiliate customers and affiliate marketers (what their bounty is) and then use a couple platforms to see how it works. Make triple sure that you can track the traffic and conversions separately so you can properly value the customers.
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That's great. Thanks for your advice!
Anytime, friend. And honestly, if you set it up that way. run ads focusing on defining and nailing down audience (or audience indicator like keywords), landing page/funnel page, and offer/creative, optimizing and running is fun and good times. Good luck! Let me know how it goes.
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If someone wants to talk about B2B SaaS affiliate marketing freel free to send me a dm
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