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Question on App Download Attribution Hey y'all, I'm working with a brand who's primary goal is "App Downloads" and we are starting to run influencer marketing for the brand. However, I'm a bit confused on how we implement tracking systems to count, "Person saw Influencer [X] and then downloaded the app". Any thoughts on how to set up attribution for this? [more info in thread]
If this were a content play, I would utilize a linktree or bitly link with UTM buried in it. If this were eCommerce, I would use a "use my code xyz to download the app" Only thing I can think of is having the brand make a download app page that is "brand.com/influencer" and tag the button. Other ideas?
Hi Dominick, how about running a post-app download ‘rewards’ campaign? • Whatever the campaign structure may be (perhaps something that incentivises or rewards the users), let the source of app download be a mandatory participation requirement. Basically, motivating users to tell you the source of their conversion after they have downloaded the app. Hope this helps!
You can also use branch.io - it's a great service that can track deeplinking