Hey everyone! I have an interview on Monday for a ...
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Hey everyone! I have an interview on Monday for a growth role which I’m super excited about. Does anyone here have any tips or advice on how to succeed in a growth interview?
First of all, good luck! Next, assuming that you already have experience in growth or performance marketing, I think the best thing you can do from now till Monday is to analyse all the company’s communication and growth channels with their users and customers (retail, social media, PR, EDMs, long-form content, SEO etc). If you spend the time to learn what they’ve done and what they’re doing now, you can easily spot trends in what growth experiments or campaigns they’ve run. What stuck and what was killed. From there, you should be able to figure out how your skillsets and experience can add value to their cause. Lastly, go to youtube or Spotify to watch and listen to how growth and performance marketers talk about or present growth in a scientific manner. Hope this helps. All the best 🙂
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Congrats! @Randy Chai has a great response and highly recommend his assessment. On this side of the interview, when I interview growth marketers, I have a growth/revenue target the client I work with needs to meet to create the role in the first place. A perfect question I would expect to hear from you is: I have seen your channels etc, what are the metrics you see in the short-medium term to help support growth and how the team plans to work together as a growth team. The best growth marketers have their own KPIs. But growth is not blind.
Ask what baselines they have, what baselines need to get better or optimize. If you can get into want their needs are, I think you will be on your way. Good luck!
Thank you both @Randy Chai and @James Davis! This is super helpful! If any other advice comes up, feel free to let me know before Monday.