Hey everyone! Hope everybody is enjoying a great M...
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Hey everyone! Hope everybody is enjoying a great Monday :)) Just wanted to ask, how do you feel about follow ups on cold emailing? How many times do you follow up with a prospect and how frequently? Thanks in advance! 🤟
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What actions are you wanting them to take?
interested for a demo vs no response
Hey @James Davis, cta is booking a demo directly from the link :))
usually I follow Email 1 cold email intro with CTA if selected EMail 2 would be what next steps look like and who would be attending as well as what 2-3 things they want from the demo
Need to account for your other emails though based on action/inaction
Email 1 intro usually isnt asking for a demo though
usually use it for an intro and then following up So ideally Intro email 1 Email 2 Book a demo Email 3 confirm what they want from demo
solution selling
Thanks so much @James Davis
Hi Petar! I usually do the following Email 1 - intro to who I am and where I work Email 2 - Message explaining what we do and how it can benefit them Email 3 - follow up to previous email Email 4 - "Reaching out one last time" saying this is the last follow up and asking if there's a better time to contact them I send them a week apart.
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Yup This ^^ for a sales flow @Maria Gomez is the way it should be handled for cold emails. Determine at that point what type of contact status you want them to fall into with your marketing team.
I'm a fan of the 2 email sequence followed by another 2 email sequence 14-30 days later. I like about 7 days between email 1 and email 2.