Anyone have any techniques for scoring more guest ...
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Anyone have any techniques for scoring more guest post opportunities? I'm sure there is a better way than 'spray and pray'.
Spray and pray
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There are a ton of lists like this that can help get you started: Also, if you find a company that is doing a lot of guest posting, you can analyze their backlinks to find where they've gotten other placements. Finally, there are many communities dedicated to link building. Guest post exchanges are a common currency.
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Just make sure you have something else than “amazing content” to offer – reciprocity is the key. I’m getting 100+ pitches every single day 😊
As a reporter myself, I can tell you there is nothing we dislike more than pitches that are not aligned with what we actually produce. We get so many pitches all the time, and most are spray and pray. You need to be able to offer expertise that is actually aligned with something that brings value to that publication, and your pitch needs to demonstrate that you actually know who the heck you're pitching
I'm publishing a guest post tomorrow. I talk to PR people who reach out to me. But because I get so many lousy pitches, I bet less than 5% turn into anything.
Responding to HARO requests that apply to your niche. I get ~5% response to my messages.