Hey guys, do any of you have experience with influ...
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Hey guys, do any of you have experience with influencer marketing? I have an influencer promoting my online course right now and see some nice results. Would like to learn more about it. Cheers Bas
Happy to share my experience from an e-commerce perspective
@Benjamin Boman cool. Tell me about your perspective. What kind of product did you use with influencer marketing and how did it go?
It was for a D2C ecommerce brand based in the UK. Basically I found micro influencers with 5k-20k followers, targeted, and around 1k+ engagements per post. Hit them up via IG/email and pitched them free product
spreading out the campaign made very little impact, big mistake. should have done 10-20 people all at once. Some accepted free product, some wanted about $150 for the work. They charged per image and would sometimes add posts that have multiple other product placements in them
The big win was negotiating for them to backlink back to us on key pages and add us to their email newsletter promotions for that month (as an extra). that made a difference. one influencer was top 3 for a broad term for our product
The other experience I had was in 2013 when Tumblr was big. I hit up about 50 influencers at once for a D2C brand again (my own). About 15 people picked it up, mostly on Tumblr which made a trend happen, there was a massive organic follow on with all the retumbling. The product itself was semi-viral, though. Got to the first page of a sub-reddit. Sold out overnight
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Also got noticed by big publications at the time, Cool Material and Refinery29 who did their own unsolicited posts about the product. Whole campaign cost $0.
Thanks for sharing Benjamin!
Oh thats nice thanks for sharing! So what was the angle for the one in 2013. Gave a free product away again?
I sell a weightloss course right now. I have an influencer who joined herself and is now promoting it via her socials. Thats nice. Reaching out to these kind of influencers is bit of a double edged sword. Because body image is a very personal thing. But I was thinking maybe this influencer which already likes our product is able to help us contact similar influencers... What do you think about that?