Hey y’all, I have 3 questions to ask. 1- how do...
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Hey y’all, I have 3 questions to ask. 1- how do you determine the amount of equity to give your startup first workers? (Mine are just volunteers but I want to give them little equity for their works as an encouragement so they can have a sense of ownership which will lead to success). 2- do you know where I can find a fill in tjr blank financial model for startup? 3- Any startup/tech legal expert here to help me a bit on legal matters. I don't have much to py but open to banter.
1. What kind of startup are you?Software? tangible goods? Services? lots fo financial models for different business types. 2. Do you have any kind of business plan or business model canvas? https://th.bing.com/th/id/R.fcea3f7d355cff3b45e217c2477afa55?rik=fUoWSf4X0DyYvQ&ri[…]WfbTnUWCI1pMWn8olpdWY%2bq1LDgMsn4uWZmYg%3d&risl=&pid=ImgRaw&r=0
I would say services. For better understanding, I am building a startup that would work like airbnb but for gamers (card, board & table top games). I have a business mode canvas (still finalizing it).
Hi, I've a background in law and would love to offer my expertise to you on the legal aspect. You can send me a message.
@Jude Celiscar I can provide market insights on these questions. I'm a startup lawyer and a legal tech startup founder based in San Francisco. Slack me if you want to chat.
Hi Yuki, Let's connect. I am working with a mentor now and we work on a task at a time. But let's stay in touch for when we get to that task.