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https://mawla.agency/blog/how-we-lost-eur10-000-to-a-social-engineering-scam I'm writing a blog about how we were recently scammed. Using a bit of misfortune to generate a bit of awareness.
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Awesome article. I like how you didn't necessarily blame anyone (including yourself), but you still took responsibility and learned from the mistakes. A true leader!
And it's frustrating. Hollywood always portrays attackers as sitting in a dark room running that ONE command that will grant them access. Works great for emotional appeal. But 99% of the work involves social engineering and information gathering, which doesn't look as exciting. 😆
Appreciate that @Jordan H (open for work)! It sucks but blaming won't get the money back or stop it happening again, the book has to stop with me. Yeah my insurance wanted to get a cyber crime in to audit our internal systems but I was like..... Nope they didn't get access it was just a human error
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