Hi, I am Nav. I’m a full stack web developer and ...
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Hi, I am Nav. I’m a full stack web developer and an entrepreneur. I started learning about programming and technology from google when I was 17. Then I moved to Canada from India to spend two years in University pursuing Bachelors in Computing science but dropped out later that year as I had hard time learning the concepts. Then years went by after I abandoned my passion for programming. I started making Wordpress stores for clients because I wanted to have some passive income while working as a customer care executive. I hated my job which I quit after spending two years refining my JavaScript and html skills. I found out about React and how it made everything easier. Now I thought Wordpress is for kids. Then I started pursuing my dream and passion again after I quit my job. I became really good and fluent with core JavaScript concepts, especially nodeJs. Right now I’m running my own Saas startup that I worked on for those two years. The project is pretty interesting and I really enjoyed making it. When i look back I find it hard to believe that I made it all by myself. Its a multi tenant platform that allows creators to quickly share payment links and sell their digital products. I released a new update today that allows users to choose custom theme for their store and checkout page. This was requested by one of my users. You can check it here https://dockefy.com 😃 hope you’ll enjoy it.
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The website looks really good! Great job 👍
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