Right now I'm brainstorming an idea for a SaaS sta...
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Right now I'm brainstorming an idea for a SaaS startup. I'm hoping to find a niche market for SMS messaging of some sort. Some ideas I want to integrate are a discord/slack bot -> SMS, so basically a discord/slack bot that has a command to send a SMS message. Another idea I had was reselling a SMS api to developers, aiming at an under-represented niche by creating a specialized API/offering. If anyone has ideas along this vein, or has a totally different idea and wants a software engineer to make it happen, please shoot me a DM!
Twilio has a robust api already and easy for devs to integrate. I've created integrations around that a couple times now
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Yeah that's true. I was hoping to find a way to improve upon it, like a better Twilio, or something. Also another idea I had was to undersell Twilio, since I have a special relationship w/ a CPaaS that would allow me to be a SMS middleman and offer lower prices than Twilio.