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A mistake I see SaaS founders making I work with SaaS founders on their marketing/go-to-market, and I keep seeing this same mistake. Trying to be everything everywhere. Posting on LinkedIn, Twitter, youtube, advertising everywhere, etc. This will kill your company. It is okay to test some different elements, but you MUST master one before moving on to another. There is no point in being an inch deep and a mile wide. One of my recent clients decided to double down on TikTok (yes for their SaaS). They have gotten 4 million organic views and it helped them raise a couple of million in funding. So the lesson of the day - double down on what is working, do not spread yourself too thin :)
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TikTok? How?
Pretty context dependent but many of the people I work with are absolutely smashing it on TikTok with B2B offers - What industry are you in I can provide more context.
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So true. TikTok is starting to be the next big thing for B2B, after LinkedIn.
Right? Its next up!
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How long should you test/master one channel before moving on to the next?
This is really solid advice and very true - mastering that first channel or two is super important... p.s. would love to see what that brand is doing on TikTok... those are massive numbers!