Optimize for PAA: So, this is a GA report from on...
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Optimize for PAA: So, this is a GA report from one of my clients. You can clearly see this huge rise of 1358.5% Okay! So what did I do? I targeted the People Also Ask (PAA) section for 20 different questions people ask for. As we all know, the average percentage of SERPs with PAA has grown to about 40-42% for both desktop and mobile. So, it’s no more to rank only in the ‘10 blue links’ that once occupied Google’s first page. Here we go... Steps: 1. Firstly, I checked each for the frequency & volume of those questions using SEMrush and targeted only those with a volume >500 2. After that I looked for the major missed opportunities that the already ranking Pages missed. 3. Created content with the help of our writers specifically targeting the PAA results. 4. I made sure that it addresses the specific user query only from an SEO standpoint. And boom! The results were amazing. But you might ask now “Why did the ranking drop then?” Well, it was just an experiment to check if you only target content specifically for PAA will Google Index them or not. Cheers!
Hey @Samudra Chakravorty if u have a bandwidth then can u pls have a 1:! session with me to show practically how you did it?
@Samudra Chakravorty very nice share thanks. Question > did you spin the Question and Answer? I guess you did - and - improve the answers?
@Samudra Chakravorty, do you mind sharing the acquisition chart? Was all that from organic traffic coming in? I’d be curious to see some examples of the content you created because I don’t really think Google’s algorithm works that way. They don’t rank something and immediately unrank it the next day. And if it does, then you’re onto a very interesting experiment that AI and ML could be applied to to expand upon it.
What you've done is great, and I'm sure brings traffic. To make sure it's real check GSC. But spikes like this are usually referral or organic spam traffic. If you drill in to your analytics you'll probably see it all happened over 1-2 hours. Create an exclusion segment to fix the graph. https://moz.com/blog/how-to-filter-junk-traffic-google-analytics