After checking all the discussion about SaaS growt...
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After checking all the discussion about SaaS growth & sales and everything - I just have one word - Calm Down..!! If you're under 1M$ ARR, you don't need any special tools or growth hacks or any magic wand to get customers. Less than 4% of the SaaS companies in the world reach 1M$ ARR. But do you know how many customers you need for that? Less than 1000 😅 While working with a lot of friends in the industry, one topic I always notice is Market Size. Oh man, you are not even making 100$ a month - and talking about minimum market size of 50k customers. What's going on. You just need 1000 customers to be top 4%. And 10k customers to be top 0.4%. All the complex analytics tools, all the complex funnel planning, spending crazy amount on LP design and logo, spending on events and all that. If you're not at that mark - stop wasting your time and money in search of some magic. Growth Hacking field is full of sales people selling dreams via different tools & courses. Just wait and take a pause. First focus on where can you find your first 1000 customers? Who is your Micro-Audience? And when I'm talking about Audience persona, don't even talk about Gender, Age, Country and all that. Stop talking in language of Facebook & Google Ads tools - let's be real at this stage. Who is the exact person buying your product and why. And yes, if you're building Keyword Tool, not every SEO company is your market. If you're building Feedback tool, not every customer-focsed SaaS company is your customer. If you're building Remote-Team tool, not every company shouting on linkedin about Remote-Team culture is your customer. Are you better than everyone else - Find out why you're better - and now find out people who care about that. Not everyone cares about your super smart tool or problems you're solving. That's hardest truth to digest. People are lazy, boring & rigid, they don't care except they are in pain. In early stage, stay away from Awareness part in funnel. Find out people who are crying in pain - and sell. If you're building Linkedin alternative - Reach out to every single person shouting about Linkedin on Twitter and sell. You're building alternative of Hubspot, go to their Capterra/G2 page, find out all the negative reviews and sell to them. You're selling SEO services, Find out every lazy person trying to learn SEO and giving up in a few days. You're building something for privacy, Go to Linkedin - Find out every single event focused on privacy, and outreach to them. Find out people who are in pain and help them. Stop trying to create value in someone's mind - None cares. Spend your time in finding your Micro-Audience, and way to reach to them. And out of 7 Billion people in the world, it's not impossible to find just 1000 people, who think exactly like you. Just think about where to find them and why they should trust you. Let's not complicate Sales & Growth in early-stage by chasing all the jargons, metrics, tools & every trap around. Best wishes ❤️
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I love this, awesome advice
Well said! #truth
I second this! Thank you!
Great advice @Saurabh Chauhan
Totally agree. Convenience, laziness and fear reign supreme. Customer lifecycles aren't as long as people think when living in this world. People want help but don't want to jump through hoops. Find the niche - the ready, willing and able niche - and get ‘em to the solution in as few steps as possible.
CALM THE F DOWN EVERYONE! lol, this is on point man, well said.
The trick is to find people who are experiencing the pain points that your product addresses. For instance, I set up a social listening and response tool for Twitter that would search Twitters live feed for people saying things like "My feet hurt" or "My feet are killing me" and reply with a message that offered a discount coupon they could print for Dr. Scholl's insoles in stores. We generated over 40k redeemed coupons for them in just 4 months. It only cost a few thousand dollars to create the software and it ran in the background on it's own without any further costs. We made over $100k in 4 months from Dr. Scholl's.
To the point man ✅