Does anyone have recommendations on influencer mar...
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Does anyone have recommendations on influencer marketing strategy for Tiktok? Looking to get downloads for our browser extension. When I reached out to Tiktok influencers- mostly people with 10k-40k followers and an average video with 5k-10k views, they ask for $750-$2000 for a 15 second video. If a video gets 5k views and that leads to 50-100 downloads- the CAC would be quite high for us. I'm currently offering influencers $100-200 and a free guest post with a backlink from our site - featuring them as a top influencer for their niche. Are there any recommendations on forming partnerships with influencers?
Hey Ram! Curious to know what industry/niche you’re pursuing on TikTok?
Hello Ram, that's way too high I know influencers on TikTok with over 1M followers and they charge $1500
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@Ram Chaitanya How do you find them? Is there a marketplace for influencers?
Hi Ram, what niche you're looking at? I have 8k+ followers on Insta @hiraasaeed__ and happy to help you if the prod matches my content pillar.