Hey everyone, curious on your thoughts for the fol...
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Hey everyone, curious on your thoughts for the following dilemma... I'm working on putting together an education based service and want to bring on board courses for various subjects such as Python, Excel, Design etc.. Naturally I've reached out to instructors on platforms such as Udemy, but they all seem to be locked in with exclusivity agreements. My question is, how would you think of enticing instructors to create net-new courses for your platform with limited up-front capital?
I would reach out to community influencers and ask them if they want to expand.
@Chris Stack Sounds like the classic chicken and egg problem. Course instructors don't want to put in the work to expand courses to a new platform if there's no guarantee of an audience. The audience won't come if there aren't enough courses. If you have some funding, you might want to just pay for the supply-side, course instructors. Straight up pay them to move their courses, or, move it for them. Another option is talking to startups with products that require user onboarding and training, like the one I work for! Can you talk a bit more about your service? We need our users to think more about Python, Excel, databases, app-design basics. We're currently thinking of better ways to offer training to users, but we want it to be easily discoverable from within the product. A platform that is easy to connect to might work. www.getgrist.com <--- to give you a sense of what we need to train users on
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Hi Chris! My team actually helps with this exact issue ! Let me know when you have some time to connect :) Denisse