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Hi Guys 👋 Hope you guys are hitting good numbers? I wanted to share what I did with my TOFU (Top of the Funnel) Facebook Ad Campaign. It brought my CPM from $12 to $1, CPR went from $0.51 to $0.04, CPC from $0.13 to $0.01, and increased my results by about 150%. To put it in perspective, after the optimization, I am now spending only $10 per day to drive twice the amount of traffic I had spent $80 to get. "" NB: My goal here is to learn from your comments, and you may also learn something from experience.Thank you. "" Some days ago, I created a Traffic Campaign to drive visitors to my client's website. Specifically, a blog post to teach our audience some lessons relating to the product we wanted to sell. SETTINGS: => Campaign Objective: Traffic => CBO: $20/day => Bid strategy: Highest Volume => Ad Schedule: Runs all-day => Destination: Website => Ad Delivery: Landing Page Views (Optimized for Link Clicks) => Audience: Lookalike and Interest Targeting (More on this below) => Ad Set: 2 Ad Sets. The only difference was the audience. One was a Lookalike Audience, and the other was Interest Targeting. => Placements: Automatic Placements (Yes, I went that route for a cold audience campaign) => Creative Source: Manual upload => Creative Format: Single image or video (I used a video) => Primary Text: I used two ad copies. Perspectives: Table of content for the blog, more like, what you'll learn, and the secret one was what we call the 'Secret' approach. => Headline: I used 3 options. No overthinking it. "Everything You Need To..." "FREE Tutorial On..." and "Read This Before You..." => Destination: Website => Language: All English This was how I set up the campaign and published it to run. BUT this wasn't HOW THE MAGIC HAPPENED. I bared it all below. 👇👇👇 |But before it picked up, Facebook Restricted Everything "Restrictable" on my account. Restricted my Facebook profile, I appealed it, and it was removed. They did the same to my ad account, Business Account, and even the Facebook page I used for the campaign. (How all of these were resolved within hours is a story for another day).| When I knew they had nothing to restrict again, I decided to duplicate the campaign and restart it. No technical reason. I just wanted to have a fresh start. So, I did that and let the campaign run for 4 days. It generated an average range of 30-40 landing page views (LPVs) per day. (After the third day, I reduced the budget to $10/day. I had retargeting ads running too). That didn't significantly change anything. I still got up to 28-30+ LPVs per day. This was the beginning of the GAME CHANGER... On the 4th day, I went in to study the data. Here are the Breakdowns I paid attention to: By Delivery: + Age + Gender + Country + Region + Device + Platform, and + Placements I was looking at the above with 2 metrics as yardsticks: Clicks and Landing page views. FINDINGS: • About 90% of the clicks and LPVs came from people between 45-65+ years (I had targeted 24-65+) • A majority of them were females • There was an almost equal amount of data between Desktop and Mobile users and between IOS and Android users. • All my results came from the Facebook Platform. • All results from Facebook came from 3 placements: Facebook Feeds, Facebook Video Feeds, and Search Results. • UK, US, Europe, and Australia drove most of the traffic • I went further to enlist regions of the countries with more than 10% CTR. • Results came almost equally between the 2 Ad Sets, with just about a 4% difference in CTR, which was like 10-12 clicks. With these, I was ready to optimize my campaign. WHAT DID I DO? First, I duplicated the campaign. Duplicated my audience, saved the duplicate, and edited it. Audience Changes made: • Changed the age bracket to between 45-65+ • Narrowed audience down based on high-performing regions • Changed placement from automatic to manual • Removed all other placement options and left only Facebook Feeds, Facebook Video Feeds, and Search Results. EVERY Other setting remained the same, including the budget. After 24hrs, of seeing the increasing results coming from the optimized campaign, I had to turn off the previous one. OPTIMIZED RESULTS (After 48 hours): Amount Spent: Old: $80.32/5 days New: $15.93/2 days, or should I say 1.5 days. Result Rate: Old: 2.42% New: 3.90% Results: Old: 158 Landing Page Views in 5 days. New: 402 Landing page Views in less than 2 days. Cost Per Result: Old: $0.51 New: $0.04 Click-Through Rate: Old: 9.76% New: 13.81% Cost Per Click: Old: $0.13 New: $0.01 CPM Old: $12.31 New: $1.56 That's it, guys. If you have read up to this point, thanks for your time. What do you think? Do you think there's something I can do to get even better results? I will share the update on my retargeting ads later, but even at that, any strategic suggestion is highly welcome. Thanks a bunch. Laz. P.S: If you are running your campaign, you can replicate this, and let me know what result you get. Cheers!
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some amazing results there Laz, is FB your speciality?
Looking for the next update. Thank you for sharing it with us
@Sam Duggan Thanks. I specialize in email marketing. I use Facebook Ads to drive traffic for my clients as well.
@Dwitipriya Bose Thank you. Sure will be posting updates soon. The results of the campaign has been atomic!
Thanks for sharing. Did you measure the quality of the visits? If so, was there an improvement there as well?
nice — would be curious on conversion #s? Or are you mostly doing traffic and then retargeting for conversion?