Is anyone here proficient with YouTube ads? We're ...
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Is anyone here proficient with YouTube ads? We're running some campaigns and see a high number of clicks (~9% CTRs) and then over time the number of clicks decreases, sometimes all the way to zero. Very puzzling. Would love to have a pro looking over our shoulder on this. Thanks!
@John Turnham I am not an YT expert and basing my reply from just your comment. It is possible that your campaign is in the ad fatigue stage where no matter what you do, people are not clicking. Most likely cuz they have seen your ad a few times and it doesn’t appeal to them. It could also be a problem with targeting or the creative itself. If you haven’t yet, then create variations of your core creative to scale your YT campaign. Hope this info helps. Good luck with your campaigns!
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Thank you!!
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How large is your audience? 9% CTR is pretty high for a platform like youtube so it sounds like you're delivering to a small, but highly qualified audience. If that is the case then your solution would be to either rotate in more creative due to fatigue (like the person above mentioned) or expand your audience size for more clicks but likely a lower CTR.
9% CTR is pretty good actually
The issue is actually that the CTR and number of clicks both start very high, then it's as if Google is removing those actions from the report, until eventually (over the course of about 20-30 minutes) the number of clicks and CTR % drops by 60%-100%.