Hey everyone, got a question about posting blogs o...
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Hey everyone, got a question about posting blogs on Medium vs posting to a website. So we’re currently all systems go, preparing for a big launch in September. We’ve got a load of blogs that we want to publish on our blog AND promote on social media. However, the blog still needs a few tweaks from the developer so we decided to set up a Medium account and use that to host and share our blogs in the meantime. Once the blog on the website is done I had planned on deleting the Medium account and switch to publishing the blogs only on the website. Thinking being we’d cannibalise our SEO if we didn't But then it dawned on me that we’re actually chasing a short-term goal here. We want to get as much P.R and shares by the start of Q4. This is also a brand new domain so it’s not like we’ll be contenders in the SEO game just yet. So, should I a) Keep posting to Medium AND the website blog since the website is so new it won’t compete with our Medium postings. b) Only post to Medium since that’s going to receive more attention quicker c) Only post to the website's blog once we have it up and running + delete the Medium account when possible. FYI, people will be visiting the blog and hopefully signing up to our email list so we will also be distributing the blogs via email. Whether that's via our own blog or by posting Medium links is to be decided above!
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My suggestion @Robbie King, keep posting on medium and your website, as you said it is better for the long term.
I suggest you focus on your website blog because you want to drive people to your website. You don't want to publish the same article on both platforms. That will mess up your Google ranking. So, if you want to keep your followers on Medium, and you have the time, post over there once a month and post on your website weekly. Medium is rented property; your website belongs to you.
thanks guys, just to clairfy, with option A) we'd be posting exactly the same content on both, would you still recommend that @Stefan Despotovski?
If you plan to use the same content on both web properties, you need a way to tell Google which content is the source and which one is the copy(cat) using
so as to not suffer unwanted behavior. You can learn more here: https://developers.google.com/search/docs/advanced/crawling/consolidate-duplicate-urls