# growth-tips

Stefan Despotovski

07/13/2022, 3:34 PM
Daily Growth tip: Create a viral thank-you page to boost word-of-mouth growth Email opt-ins typically go to a standard confirmation page, which could be a missed opportunity. With a viral thank-you page, you can automate word of mouth and expand your email list. If someone arrives at your thank-you page after subscribing, they are clearly interested in what you have to say. That means you have the option to take it a step further and make an offer. When individuals convert on Jeff Goins' lead magnet, he gives them more (a free resource and a tool) in exchange for a tweet. If the new subscriber wants to take advantage, a button that populates the tweet is available. This resulted in 7,439 people sharing Jeff's website and thousands of new subscribers. Create a simple thank you page for your opt-in to give it a try. Then, include a link to the lead magnet in a Tweet for new subscribers to share (or just ask them to invite friends). Use a tool like the free GoViral to make this process easier. According to Bryan Harris of Growth Tools, 40% of new members regularly take advantage of the offer.