Influencer Marketing does NOT have to be expensive...
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Influencer Marketing does NOT have to be expensive - here's how to do it without breaking the bank 👇 If you have reached out to creators and had conversations with them, you know that the prices they quote can be astronomically out-of-this-world high sometimes. Rookies make a lot of common mistakes that cost brands lot (and give a bad rep to influencer marketing). Here's what you should do instead. It's a strategy called seeding. With creator-seeding, you send free products to nano-creators, and control certain variables to maximize the chances of them posting about your brand. Notice I said "variables". Because it is like math. You need to increase the probability of getting a shoutout by tweaking the following variables: • Select the right creators (<25k followers, authentic posts, in your niche) • Email them with an offer to give, not an ask. Don't expect posts right away. • Blow them away with a tailored unboxing experience. • Create incentives for them to post (eg: a discount for their audience) • Follow up at the right moment. If you control these levers, you maximize the chances that they post about your brand... for nothing but COGS + shipping. It's not expensive to get authentic influencer shoutouts (imagine reaching 1000s of people for just COGS). You can turn these into more long-term relationships where creators post about your brand on a regular basis and create a profitable growth channel for your brand 💪 Was this helpful? If anyone here has run seeding campaigns, I'd love to hear your experience 💬 Attaching a helpful downloadable flowchart here :)
I think this is interesting. Could you elaborate on how you give them incentives to post without asking them to post (since you reach out without an ask?) Also you mention follow up at the right moment. What does that feel / look like?
@Adam J - thanks! Create incentives for their audience. So send them a 10% off coupon code for their followers with the package, this way they have a reason to post and their followers have a reason to buy. Follow up can be simple. "Hey {name}, hope you received {product} - what do you think about {something specific}? PS: I also sent in a coupon code for your followers, don't forget to add it in case you share {brand} on your insta" This {something specific} can be your USP, something they can share on their socials so it sparks ideas too.
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