# ask-a-growth-question

Stanisław Heropolitański

07/18/2022, 9:35 PM
Best practices and tried out methods for improving Quality Score in Google Ads (B2B SaaS) Hey, what worked best for you to up your Quality Score to lower CPCs? I'm currently running a Google Ads search campaign for BoFu low-impression keywords with phrase match (<1000/month), around $30 CPCs, and well-maintained negatives, and started with a low QA (2/10 for most keywords). I managed to get it to 5/10 for some KWs but it's still 2/10, 3/10 for most. I tried to follow Google guidelines, optimization tips, optimized the landing page, but it's still low and I'm looking for specific things I can do to lower my CPA. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Stefan Despotovski

07/19/2022, 7:19 AM
1. Make Sure Your Keywords Match Your Ad Copy and Landing Pages 2. Know Your Audience 3. Conduct Proper Keyword Research 4. Prioritize Your Keywords Based on Relevance and Search Intent 5. Add Highest Search Intent Keywords Directly In Your Ad Headline 6. Create Negative Keyword Lists 7. Adopt a Single Keyword Ad Group (SKAG) Structure 8. Create Focused Ad Groups 9. Audit Your Existing Ad Groups 10. Take Advantage of Google Ad Extensions 11. Optimize Your Ad Landing Page UI and UX Design 12. Add Video To Your Ad Landing Pages 13. Add Your Ad Keywords To Your Landing Page Meta Description 14. Boost Site Speed 15. Set Up Responsive Search Ads 16. Enable The Google Seller Ratings Extension 17. Automate Your PPC Ad Reporting 18. Monitor Historical Ad Performance This list I found from this blog specifically Let me know if it helps @Stanisław Heropolitański