*How do I get members NOT on the growth / marketin...
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How do I get members NOT on the growth / marketing teams to share their ideas for how to grow our top-of-the-funnel I want to make sure that my growth / marketing team is not alone in their pursuit of user acquisition, and thus want the extended team to get involved in the ideation stage (especially senior leaders who understand the business deeply). Naturally, everyone has their own priorities, so they can't always dedicate the time. Are there any incentives / conversations / processes / etc. that people here have used to get their broader teams engaged with growth-related topics?
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Hey @Lak that is a very good question, I personally can't give you a good answer, but I believe it is all about the way you communicate with them, if you are able to communicate the importance of growth to everyone and how no matter what position you are in you are still contributing to growth, then I believe they will focus more on growth.
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Maybe even providing some incentive or reward.
I'd also recommend sharing the experiment idea list with the senior leaders. Seeing the ideas from your team might trigger some inputs from them. Another way could be sending them a very simple email and asking their thoughts on the user acquisition ideas